SEAT S.A. at Westfield Shopping Centre

The team at Intercity have been applying a specific floor design to the SEAT car showroom’s car park inside Westfield Shopping Centre. SEAT approached us with a complex design in these specific colours, and we were the only painting firm capable of colour matching these particular shades in Epoxy Resin Industrial Floor Paints.

We had only a drawing to work off and three nights to complete the task. Our team worked hard through the nights to get the job completed on time. We first had to prepare the floor by diamond grinding,  then applied the hard wearing paints; applying two coats of the grey Epoxy Resin Floor Paint, two coats of the red Epoxy Resin Floor Paint and then finally two coats of the white Epoxy Resin Floor Paint.

The bold grey is complemented excellently with the more sportier red and contrasting white making this particular carpark something to behold. Intercity Contractors then conducted wet and dry slip resistance test on various areas of the newly painted floor with a specialist pendulum. The results are then compiled into a specially designed report which includes a summary of results along with the potential of slipping according to the Required Pedestrian Pendulum Test Value. This sporty yet sophisticated design is perfect for showcasing all of the brand new SEAT cars, ready for a test drive.