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Our Coating Systems

We use specialist epoxy resin floor coatings. The results not only look great but are capable of withstanding the wear and tear that garage and vehicle workshop floors are constantly exposed to. Intercity prepare the new or existing workshop floor with our specialist machinery. This creates the best concrete surface for paint to adhere to. Our coatings are extremely durable against oils, coolants, fuel and vehicles.


We have a range of machines specifically for preparing concrete floors, including state-of-the-art floor grinders and captive dust-free shot blasting. Prepping the concrete workshop floor ensures the surface is profiled to allow better adhesion when workshop floor painting.


Exposed concrete workshop floors are vulnerable to damages from even the lightest of general mechanics workshop tasks. Dropping tools, wheeling equipment and chemical spills can ruin a bare concrete floor. Our specialist epoxy resin floor paints are highly resistant to dry-steering tyres and chemical spills. Our workshop floor coatings are designed to last for over 20 years before any maintenance is required.


Intercity has an extensive catalogue of shades and colours available. We have light reflective greys for the workshop floor and bold yellows, whites and reds for markings. If you wish to keep things uniform and use your official company colours, we can match almost any shade you require.

Workshop Floor Painting

What Locations Do We Serve?

Intercity operate out of Central London so we currently serve the entire Greater London area and surrounding areas such as Surrey, Essex, Hertfordshire, Berkshire and Kent. We also serve further afield such as Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Hampshire, East and West Sussex.

Health & Safety

To comply with all the necessary Health & Safety requirements we can assist with all manner of hazards. Intercity are experienced in repairing uneven or slippery surfaces, poor hygiene, chemical damage, impact, abrasion of surfaces and dust.


Intercity can quickly and proficiently lay a range of high quality, durable finishes to transform your factory, and also offer a free quotation service. Whatever your requirements, our expert advice and guidance will be able to meet them.

Workshop Floor Painting

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Why Choose Us?

As London’s premier industrial painting contractors, we believe in delivering the highest possible standards and take great pride in what we do. Each and every project we are a part of will be assessed individually, tailoring our methods to suit the specific requirements. We are confident that our experience, understanding and technical capability cannot be matched.