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Our Paint Systems

At Intercity, we use specialist epoxy resin floor coatings that are designed to not only look great but are capable of withstanding the harsh conditions that warehouse floors are exposed to. Our coatings are durable against friction, chemicals, vehicles and general wear and tear.

Defining Your Workplace

From pedestrian walkways to parking bays, highlighting hazards to designated work areas, we can add defining markings to your new epoxy resin floor to keep your warehouse safe and efficient.


Warehouse floors are a busy environment. Exposed concrete floors are vulnerable to extensive damage from general day-to-day tasks. Our specialist epoxy resin floor coatings are highly resistant to dry-steering tyres from the likes of forklift trucks, delivery vans and even HGVs.


We have an extensive catalogue of colours available such as all of the official Health & Safety Warning Colours. Want to use your company colours? Intercity can match almost any shade you require.

Warehouse Floor Painting

What Areas Do We Serve?

We are based out of Central London so we proudly serve the entire Greater London area as well as the surrounding areas such as Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Essex and Kent. We also serve areas further from London such as Oxfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hampshire, East and West Sussex.

Health & Safety

To comply with all the necessary Health & Safety requirements we can assist with all manner of hazards. Intercity are experienced in repairing uneven or slippery surfaces, poor hygiene, chemical damage, impact, abrasion of surfaces and dust.


Intercity can quickly and proficiently lay a range of high quality, durable finishes to transform your warehouse, and also offer a free quotation service. Whatever your requirements, our expert advice and guidance will be able to meet them.

Warehouse Floor Painting

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Why Choose Us?

We believe in only delivering the highest standard and take pride in what we do. Each and every project will be assessed individually and we will tailor our methods to suit your specific requirements. We are confident that our experience, understanding and technical capability will not be matched.