Facade Restoration London

The outer facia of a building tells a story. Whether it be a display of innovative architecture, a portal into the time of which the building first stood or simply a prim-and-proper display, a building’s façade is often the first thing the eye meets. Intercity Contractors specialise in building façade restoration in London, having worked on projects of all sizes. We are well-experienced in working with Listed buildings and buildings of significance as part of our preservation and restoration projects.

Peeling paint, crumbling concrete and dirty walls are all letting a building down. If your brilliant façade is looking a bit tired like the one shown above, Intercity Contractors can help.

Intercity Contractors can offer the following services:

  • Façade Cleaning
  • Render Removal
  • Shot Blasting
  • Low Pressure Blasting
  • High Pressure Blasting
  • Steam Cleaning
  • ThermaTech® and DOFF Cleaning Systems
  • Superheated Water Jet Washing
  • Masonry Cleaning
  • Masonry Sealing
  • Masonry Painting
  • Façade Painting
  • Listed Building Façades
  • Commercial Building Façades
  • Domestic Property Façades
  • Façade Repairs
  • Façade Restoration

The Process

Our full-restoration process will usually begin with taking samples of the original facade to check for lead content. Lead content can often be found in old paintwork on older building facades, with lead content even being present within the concrete facade itself. Once we have identified whether lead is present or not, we can then go about safely removing the coating via methods of Shot Blasting, previously known as Sand Blasting, or ThermaTech® Cleaning.

Safe Lead Handling

The Intercity Contractors team are fully trained in Safe Lead Handling to ensure maximum safety for all operatives as well as the general public.

Our specialist methods offer minimum risk to lead exposure when handling the removal of lead-containing coatings, meticulously controlling all harmful contaminants to ensure no hazards are caused as a result of our works.

We have specialist portable and modular on-site Decontamination Units for our operatives to use, ensuring contaminants aren’t spread from area to area on large scale building sites. We can also provide state of the art Dust Extraction units to minimise the exposure to not just lead-containing dust but also regular lead-free dust that can be created by some of our cleaning methods.

Concrete Render Removal

Facade Cleaning & Paint Removal

Shot Blasting is the quickest, most effective way of cleaning masonry and stripping off old paint coatings or concrete render.

We offer a variety of Shot Blasting methods including Media Blasting, Soda Blasting, Low Pressure Blasting and High Pressure Blasting for use of building façades. For a less-aggressive alternative for Façade Cleaning and paint stripping we offer ThermaTech® Cleaning which can often prove to be a more time consuming method but less destructive to fragile and damaged areas of concrete.

For more traditional masonry cleaning and Façade Cleaning and even some paint removals we can use methods of more standardised Pressure Washing, Jet Washing and Steam Cleaning which we can partner with specialist cleaning agents to ensure the best results.

Facade Restoration & Painting

After the outer-coating is removed, the façade can be better examined to find out if any repairs to the concrete are necessary.

As a top-coat we would then apply a specialist Masonry Paint, available in any desired colour, that is adequately breathable to prevent moisture build-up between the facia and the coating whilst still protecting the concrete façade beneath. Paint Spraying offers the most even protection and is one of the most efficient methods of coating application for Façade Restoration.

Most of our Façade Painting paint systems offer a long-life protection with a minimum of 25 years before any routine maintenance is required. This means we can leave your building façade looking great and more importantly protected for much longer.

To coincide with our Façade Restoration, we have a Painting & Decorating team who are well versed in painting sash windows, external masonry and every other aspect of Façade Restoration.

Listed Building Paint Removal

If you are seeking professional building Façade Restoration in London, please contact Intercity Contractors Ltd on 0800 389 2331. Our skilled team of operatives are able to tackle all projects, no matter how big or small. From residential properties to commercial buildings, our team can help you achieve your desired façade outcome. We have extensive experience working with brickwork, concrete façades, natural stone and other types of bespoke building masonry.