Collect & Restore

Shot Blasting & Painting Collection & Delivery Service

We are proud to offer hassle-free Collection & Restoration throughout London to both domestic and commercial customers. All of your shot blasting and paint spraying needs are taken care of. With a fleet of vans, pick-ups and flat bed trailers we can take a multitude of items from London back to our Midlands depot for full restoration. Intercity Contractors Ltd is a London-based company but all of our static shot blasting and painting facilities are at our depot in the Midlands.

What is Collect & Restore?

Intercity can take your goods back to be shot blasted, repaired (if necessary), primed and painted in speciality industrial coatings which would make your item go on for another 25 years before any further maintenance is needed.

From classic car parts to garden gates, we have our team on-hand to get your items looking brand new with our Collect & Restore services. Larger scale jobs are no problem either. We have transported and restored over 200m of cast-iron drain pipes, as well as steel staircases, heavy bollards and the likes.

Colours & Finishes

Our extensive paint colour selection can match almost any shade you desire in Gloss, Satin and Matte finishes. Unsure of what colour to go? Our friendly team are on-hand to advise you; Trust me, we know a thing or two about paint.

The Process

Unlike our mobile on-site shot blasting and paint spraying services, jobs taken as our Collect & Restore service, size permitting, are prepared and refurbished in our designated shot blasting and painting rooms. This allows for a more controlled finish thanks to the elimination of environmental impurities.

Our designating Blast Room is used for all shot blasting and sand blasting tasks. The purpose-built unit is large enough to take anything from cast iron furniture to a classic car shell. This is ideal for paint and rust removal before painting.

Why Choose Us?

Intercity will take your old items away and bring them back with a new lease of life. We are passionate refurbishment specialists with a keen eye for detail so you can guarantee restoration with great care and attention.

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